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BurgerMan is not just a Trademark with immediate high recognition and a great Corporate Identity. BurgerMan has become a Lovemark, appreciated by thousands of loyal fans.

We desire to expand rapidly. To qualified candidates BurgerMan offers all the assistance to start a Franchise-Partnership. BurgerMan Franchise-Partners can earn about the same money as our competitors, our investments however, are only a fraction of their investment, depending on location roughly 10 to 20%. 

The total cost of getting a BurgerMan Restaurant customer ready runs between
€ 1.000 to € 1.500 m², depending on the building and other factors such as rental security deposits.

75m² is the minimum area required to operate a BurgerMan Restaurant. If the location is first rate, 50m² would be considered a minimum option.

The cost for a BurgerMan Franchise is € 5.000.- 

Other fixed costs are a € 500.- monthly Franchise-Fee and running advertisement costs.

  • Be the first person in your city or country to operate a BurgerMan Franchise.
  • After successfully operating your  BurgerMan Restaurant you can obtain the Master-Franchise for your area.
  • Apply today. We are waiting for your call.
    Call Austria+43 650 884 8626 or send us a mail:

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